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The Voigtländer Kontur, introduced in 1951[1], is an accessory shoe-mounted viewfinder of unusual design. It is intended to be used with both eyes open, with the finder only projecting a set of framelines onto the view of the subject seen by the unobstructed eye.

Although considered as a “first-class suspended-frame finder” by Roger Hicks[2], he also notices that “apparently some people simply cannot use them”. Stephen Gandy says that the Kontur “is a very unusual finder, and one of my favorites”, and Dante Stella says that “is a neat little piece of equipment for digital or film”.

This finder can be used in any other 35mm camera with a 50mm lens. There were also Kontur finders for 6x6 and 6x9 cameras, as well as for 35mm lenses in 35mm cameras, but that one seems to be rare and hard to find.

Kontur versions[3]
Kontur version code
Kontur 50mm for 35mm cameras 335/23
Kontur 35mm for 35mm cameras 335/36
Kontur for 6x6 cameras 335/70
Kontur for 6x9 cameras 335/82


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