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Vertex was used by Willy Stübiger as product name for cameras, enlargers and projectors. Stübiger was a former engineer at Goerz who started his own business in Dresden in 1927. The only known cameras are folding cameras made before WWII. Projectors and enlargers were produced until 1967 around which time the company was renamed PGH "Präzision" and later VEB "Präzision Dresden".
The Vertex cameras were handsome folding bed cameras. The Vertex was made for 9x12 cm film plates (several models including 112 and 119) as well as for 6.5x9 cm plates (known and illustrated here is model 98). Other cameras were the Vertex Verette and the Vertex Verette II which apparently took 127 film, made from 1927 to 1932. These prewar cameras were also available badged Errtee by distributor Romain Talbot.

Specifications of camera shown

  • Type: vertically-styled wooden body folding camera, sliding bed made out of metal
  • The name Vertex embossed in the leatherette on the back
  • Format: 6.5x9 cm.
  • Manufacturer: Willy Stübiger
  • Years of production: c. 1929
  • Lens: "VERTEX" Anastigmat 1:6.3 F = 12 cm.
  • Shutter: Vario with 25, 50, 100, B, T speed settings
  • Viewfinder: Reflex finder
  • Focusing: sliding bed
  • Dimensions closed & weight: 4.8x10x13 cm; 477 gr.

A variant with faster f4.5 lens, Compur shutter and additional sports finder was also available.

postwar cameras

According to a Brazilian camera-history web-site, there may have been new postwar cameras badged "Vertex", at least a medium format Vertex SLR, which existed at least as prototype[1], and maybe there have been other exciting Vertex cameras, at least a panorama camera named Vertex-RB[2] which was an FT-2 copy.