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Ritz Camera is a chain of camera stores based in the United States. They acquired the companies Wolf Camera, Kits Camera, Inkley’s and The Camera Shop. They use the private label brands Quantaray and Dakota. Ray Enterprises Inc. is also a name used by the company. In the 1990's they worked with various camera manufactures like Minolta and provided exclusive distribution of cameras with more features like panorama and date backs, that were not available to other distributors in the US.

They filed for bankruptcy in February 2009. This caused major issues with creditors as after reorganizing and closing half the stores. David Ritz with other investors under the name RCI (Ritz Camera Image) acquired the company. This made it so the previous company owed the creditors and not the newer company.



  • Dakota Dazzle
  • Dakota RZ-4 Motordrive
  • Dakota RZ-6 Motordrive
  • Dakota RZ-8 Motordrive
  • Dakota RZ-12
  • Dakota RZ-2000 SLR
  • Dakota RZ-3000 SLR
  • Dakota MY-1
  • Quantaray Clamshell 35
  • Quantaray R400 SLR
  • Quantaray Delta D2-RZ
  • Quantaray RZ 800 SLR (Cosina CT-7)

Exclusive distribution



  • Quantaray Auto Macro 55mm f3 - for Canon FD
  • Quantaray MC 28mm f2.8 - for Canon FD
  • MC Quantaray Auto Zoom 28 to 80mm f3.5-4.5 Macro - for Canon FD
  • MC Quantaray Auto Zoom 75 to 200mm f4.5 Macro - for Canon FD
  • MC Quantaray Auto Zoom 85 to 210mm f3.8 Macro - for Canon FD, Olympus OM