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The Kowa SET is a fixed lens 35mm SLR introduced by Kowa in 1967, and was a replacement for the Kowa SE. It updated that camera by moving the external CdS light meter cell to an internal location, and thus provided open aperture TTL metering with a viewfinder centre-the-needle manual setting system. According to a Dixons' advertisement (the UK importer and retailer) in a 1968 edition of "Amateur Photographer magazine", the Kowa SET sold for £49 - 17s -6d. The SET was superseded in 1968 by the Kowa SET R; where "R" indicated that the lens was removable.


Lens/mount: Lens not removable. Fitted with a Kowa f/1.8 50mm (6 elements in 4 groups), with wide angle and f/4 85mm, and f/4 37mm conversion lenses available, and close-up lenses.

Focus: Condenser, Fresnel lens, and micro-prism centre spot.

Shutter: Seikosha SLV leaf shutter with a range of 1 sec to 1/500th plus B. Self-timer of about 8 seconds delay (the V setting on MXV switch).

Meter: Open aperture, TTL, average brighness, twin CdS cells. The meter is activated when the film is advanced, and switches off once the shutter is tripped.

Exposure: Viewfinder centre-the-needle.

Film Speed: 10 to 800 ASA.

Flash: M and X contact switch, and removable accessory shoe mounting into a slot around the viewfinder eyepiece.

Film Advance: 180° lever with 15° off-set.

Frame Counter: Automatic count-up and reset.

Rewind: Via crank and bottom release button.

Size: 136 x 96 x 83mm (W x H x D).

Weight: 780g.

Battery: 1.3v mercury cell.