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Ilford's Sportsman cameras were a range of viewfinder- and rangefinder-cameras, made for Ilford in Germany by Dacora; the first was introduced in 1957. They were a cheaper alternative to the Kodak Retina and Retinette series for the newly-popular 35mm format at the time. The Sportsman cameras were rebadged versions of Dacora models, including the Dacora Dignette. There were a variety of shutters fitted, including Vario and Prontor mechanisms, housing a selection of lenses such as the Dacora Dignar, Steinheil Cassar and Isco Color-Isconar. The range included basic models, with the Vario shutter and Dacora lens, through fitted meters to sophisticated rangefinder cameras with light meter, Prontor 500LK shutter and Cassar lens.

There were five body styles; the last (Mk.5) introduced c.1967.

The name was continued into a 126 cartridge film device, the Sportsman Instant, introduced in 1967.

Ilford Sportsman Instant

The Ilford Sportsman Instant cameras were concurrents of the popular Kodak Instamatics for type 126 film cassettes. They were available in automatic version E with selenium photo cell controlled exposure and flash setting, in simple version C (with two weather symbols and flash symbol as exposure settings) and version R (more versatile thru four weather symbols plus flash symbol). These cameras were rebadged Dacora Instacoras.