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The Prefect is a Pseudo TLR-format roll film box camera produced by Haking in Hong Kong from around 1957[1]. It takes 12 frames on 120 film. The lens is labeled "Haking's Double Meniscus F:8," with f/8, f/11 and f/16 stops. B & I shutter settings, with flash synch.

The Prefect has a spring-loaded cover on the red window, labelled "Empire Made" (at the time, a euphemism for Hong Kong - British territory until handed back to the P.R.C. in 1997) and a catch to hold the back shut in the style of the Ricohflex Model VI. The catch has a rotating plate, centred on the tripod bush; turning this plate uncovers a sprung steel finger, which lifts, releasing a pin attached to the bottom edge of the back, allowing it to open.

Most Prefects are finished in black leathercloth, but some examples exist in grey.[2]

Virtually the same camera was sold as the Halina Prefect Senior, the Votar Flex and the Wales Reflex, simply adding an accessory shoe on the side. The Wales proclaims "A CAMERA for GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY" on its box.[3]

Around 1960, Haking offered a similar camera with the same body and lens, but shutter and aperture controls emulating the dials of a Rolleiflex. This went under the name Halina Viceroy, among several others.


  1. McKeown's gives the date of the Votar Flex as 1958.
  2. Prefect in grey at Sylvain Halgand's Collection Appareils.
  3. This slogan is also on the Halina A1 box, and perhaps on all Halina TLRs?