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The Fujita 66 is a 6×6 format SLR introduced in 1956, known for its budget price. The original model has script lettering on the nameplate; the example with block lettering is a later model.

Though of simpler construction than the contemporary Exakta 66 and first offerings from Hasselblad, the Fujita had more going for it than just the price. Being reasonably light and compact, looking like a stumped down TLR and easy focusing with a tab on the lens. The 80mm 3.5 FC Fujitar providing a surprisingly bright view thanks to the fresnel screen in the viewfinder glass. A bit troublesome today but closer to a norm at the point of release, the aid of a shutter cable needs the famed Leica nipple (much like many TLRs). Another Leica-inspired detail is the shutter speed selector that much like early Barnack Leicas needs to be pulled up before set in place. Maybe is it because of this, like with the FSU Leica copies, that many shutters have given up on these cameras. Another curiousity is the lens screw mount on the body for change of lens, even though no other Fujitar lenses seem to have been provided. Later the Kalimar Reflex would build up a set of lenses for the mount.

Other details of note:

- No instant return mirror

- Integrated sports finder and fold out focusing loupe

- Shutter speeds ranging from 1/500 to 1/25

- Aperture selector turns freely without notches at aperture stops

Versions of the Fujita 66 manufactured by Fujita Optical Company were also re-branded as the Kalimar Reflex, Kalimar Six Sixty, the Soligor 66, the Haco 66 and the Fodor 66SL.[1]

Fujita 66ST Fujita 66SL Fujita 66SQ
Introduction 1956 1958 1960
Lens 80mm f/3.5 80mm f/3.5 80mm f/3.5
80mm f/2.8
Shutter 1/25 - 1/500 +1/5 +1 sec
Mirror return No No Yes




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