Cyclone Jr. and Cyclone Sr.

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See also the Cyclone falling-plate magazine cameras by the same maker.

The Cyclone Junior is a box camera. It is wooden-bodied with leatherette covering. It takes 3x3-inch plates in double dark-slides, which are inserted in the rear compartment of the box. A small number of dark-slides can be carried in this compartment. However, the dark-slides are manually changed; this is not a magazine camera. The camera has a simple lens and shutter, and a single Watson finder.

The Cyclone Senior is a similar box camera for 4x5-inch plates. It has two viewfinders, for vertical and horizontal photographs.

The cameras were made from 1898 to 1905 by Western Camera Manufacturing Co. in Chicago, and later in Rochester when the company was merged into the Rochester Optical Co..