Canon RC-701

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This 1986 model from Canon was the first commercially-marketed "still video" camera, although it followed the 1981 announcement by Sony of the Mavica. While the RC-701 anticipated the coming rise of DLSRs, it was not truly a digital camera, as it stored images as analog scan lines onto 2-inch video floppy disks. This required a special player to view or print images, of which 50 would fit on a disk.

The list price was 390,000 yen ($2,458 in 1986 US dollars[1]—equal to over USD $6,700 in 2023[2]). The price shot even higher if the optional 24mm-equivalent wide-angle lens, telephoto zoom, printer and telephone transmission unit were added.

Soon Sony would join with its own still-video model, the premium Mavica A7AF.


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