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Zeh was a German camera maker during the 1920s and 1930s, based in Dresden. Their full name was either Zeh-Camera-Fabrik or Paul Zeh Kamerawerk depending on the source. The company closed its doors in 1948. In the 1920s Zeh made folding plate cameras. McKeown[1] lists several plate models, and describes them as run of the mill single- and double-extension cameras typical of the time with no remarkable features. The Astro and Luxus cameras are very well-equipped, however. Some of the plate camera names were used again for roll-film cameras. The plate cameras are hard to identify because the model name is not on the camera; they only have the 'ZeCa' logo on the bed. As with most folding plate cameras, a wide range of lenses and shutters was available.

In the 30s, Zeh added cameras for roll film. Among others, they made the very original Zeca-Flex 6×6 cm folding TLR, and the Goldi 3×4 cm and 4x6.5 cm folding cameras for 127 film. Some cameras made by Zeh have been sold by other companies, including Rodenstock, Henning and Neithold, under their own names.


3×4 folding

The Goldi was also sold under other names, by Zeh and other companies:

  • Bafo
  • Coloprint
  • Imperial
  • Ralikona (sold by Ralik)
  • Renox (sold by Herlango)

4x6.5 folding

  • Goldi 4x6.5 (again, sold under several other names)

6×6 folding TLR

6×9 folding

  • Bettax
  • Bobby (same as the original Bettax)
  • Elos
  • Fox-Radial
  • Primus
  • Renox (a name-variant of the Primus, sold by Herlango)
  • Sport

Folding plate cameras

  • Astro: 9×12 cm. High-specification. Real leather-covered metal body. Double extension.
  • Duplo: 6.5×9, 9×12, 12×15 cm. Wooden body.
  • Junior: 6.5×9, 9×12 cm. Simple single-extension cameras with wooden body.
  • Luxus Zeca: 9×12 (model 5), 12×15 cm (model 7), 13×18 cm (model 8). High-specification wooden body with real leather covering. Double extension.
  • Primus: 6.5×9, 9×12 cm. Metal-bodied with radial focusing lever at the front of the bed. Single extension.
  • Radial: 6.5×9, 9×12, 12×15 cm. Wood- and later metal bodied, with radial focusing lever at the side of the bed. Single extension.
  • Sport: 6.5×9, 9×12 cm. Metal body. Single extension.


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