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The Yashica T AF was the first camera in T* series of compact auto focus 35mm cameras made under the Yashica name by Kyocera. Like the later cameras a Kyocera branded version (Kyocera T AF) was also made. Like all the cameras in the series it has a coated Tessar lens (hence T*) made by Carl Zeiss. The lens is covered until the shutter is depressed when it is automatically uncovered.

The camera was later revised to have DX coding. These are delineated by DX on body and set of DX pins. The DX version still has the same manual settings for non DX films but DX films will overrule the set value. The presence of a adjustable setting allows for some exposure compensation. To do this with the DX version the DX area on the film cartridge mush be covered by insulating tape. The flash is manually triggered. There is a low light warning in viewfinder to prompt the use to turn on Flash. In normal light it can also be turned on for fill in .

3 focus points appear in the viewfinder allowing the user to check their focus. These are Head (1-2m) Group (2-4m) and Mountain (4+ metres). The camera is believed to have 8 focus steps which is above average for this time.

Both the non DX and DX version can also be found with Databack (Yashica T AF-D). The data back only goes up to '19 in years.


  • Lens: Tessar T* 35mm 1:3.5 4 Elements in 3 Groups
  • Focus: Auto focus 1m to infinity
  • Focus Lock: Yes
  • Exposure: Automatic with SPD sensor
  • Shutter: Programmed range from 1/8-1/500
  • Manual ISO settings: 50, 100, 200, 400, 1000 ISO
  • DX coding (DX Version only) 50-1600 ISO
  • Flash GN 9 (100ISO:M)
  • Advance: Automatic motordrive
  • Timer: electronic (~10 secs)
  • Batteries: 2xAA (CR2035 for data back)
  • Battery Life: 120x24 exp rolls with no flash (12 rolls with flash everytime)