Yashica TL Electro AX

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The Yashica Electro AX was one of four models in the Yashica TL series, and shares many of the features of the Electro cameras.

It differs from the other models by offering aperture priority auto exposure, and had an "Auto" setting on the shutter speed dial.

An unusual feature of the camera is it has an "Aperture Activator Button" on the front of the camera body. The reverse of a traditional preview button, this opened the aperture for focusing, which was otherwise stopped-down to any pre-set aperture for metering. A two stage shutter release button activated the meter.

The viewfinder featured red and yellow lamps [1]. A red light shaped like an arrow indicates over exposure, and the arrow head points in the direction that the lens aperture dial should be turned to select a smaller aperture. A yellow light, also shaped like an arrow indicates a shutter speed of less than 1/30th sec is required, and the arrow points in the opposite direction, encouraging the user to open the lens aperture wider. Correct exposure is achieved when neither lamp is illuminated.

A green lamp is located on the top plate of the camera, and this flashes for the duration of the exposure when the shutter opens. [2]

The metering system does not function at all when the camera is not on the Auto setting.

Unlike other models in the TL Series, the AX has a viewfinder blind (for self-timed exposures), and a shutter lock. Due to the construction of the mirror, Yashinon DX lenses cannot be used with the AX.


  1. Lamps rather than LEDs
  2. It's not clear from the user manual quite what the purpose of this lamp was, since it states "At shutter speeds of 1/60 sec or faster, the shutter function can not be very well determined by this Lamp?