Yashica Minister II

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The Yashica Minister II is a 35mm rangefinder camera with built-in selenium meter made in Japan by Yashica starting circa 1962. A Minister II has a serial number prefixed with "II," as well as having its meter cell enclosed in the same frame as the camera's viewfinder and rangefinder windows. (On the original Yashica Minister, the selenium cell was a separate, slightly lower window.)

The exposure controls are all around the lens; the rearmost ring on the the 45mm f2.8 lens controls focus - and has a lever attached, the next ring sets the aperture, down to f16; the next ring sets the shutter speed, between 1s 1/500s (+B). The front ring carries an Light Value Scale for transferring the meter reading to the controls. A "cross-coupling ring" allows adjustment of the aperture and speed in step to maintain the value set on the LVS ring.

There is a self-timer set by a lever underneath the lens barrel.

In 1963, the Minister II was replaced by the Yashica Minister III, where the meter cell was relocated to surround the lens.