Yashica FX-70 Quartz

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The FX-70 is a automatic exposure 35mm SLR camera from Yashica.

The camera uses interchangeable lenses with the C/Y mount. It has an electronic quartz timed, vertical travelling metal focal-plane shutter with speeds from 11s to 1/1000 with B. Flash sync is at 1/100 a sec.

It features a TTL center-weighted metering system with a aperture-priority automatic exposure mode. It uses a silicon photo diode with a measurement range 1 to 18 EV (ISO 100, with f/1.4 lens). The film speed setting range is at ISO 25 to 1600. Auto exposure lock lever is on the front right of the camera. Exposure compensation is available with a range of + 2 to -2 EV.

The viewfinder contains 15 red flashing LED's on the right side for shutter speed indicators with over and under exposure. It's a eye-level pentaprism 95% field of view and a magnification of 0.86x. The self-timer is electronic quartz based with a delay of 10 seconds. It is activated by rotating a lever below the shutter release button. The LED on the left of the body flashes before the shutter releases and can be cancelled during countdown. It is powered by two LR44/SR44 batteries.