Yashica EZ-matic

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The Yashica EZ-matic is a stylish camera for 126 film. It has two automatic exposure modes: aperture priority or a fully automatic exposure. The rounded lines on the body give it a classy look, and this is enhanced by the Selenium cell around the lens. The transport lever was moved to the lower back side of the camera, probably to simplify the look. With automatic exposure and an almost focus free wide-angle lens, this is practically a point-and-shoot camera.

The Yashica EZ-matic features an accessory shoe and may be the only 126 film camera with a self-timer. It has a 37mm/2.7 Yashinon lens. Yashinon lenses are said to be of Tessar design and enjoy a good reputation. It can be stopped down to f/16. The selenium cell exposure meter is placed within the limits of the filter thread, so that placing a filter does not necessitate an exposure correction; light is metered through the filter. The viewfinder shows image framelines and a shutter-speed scale. There is however, no way to directly choose a shutter-speed. Leave that to one of the exposure programs.