Yashica AF-M II

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The Yashica AF-M II is a compact fully automatic autofocus 35mm film camera from Kyocera of Japan. The date version was also available as the Yashica Auto Focus Motor IID Quartz.

It uses a 35mm autofocus f/3.5 lens that is protected by a sliding cover, that also locks the shutter release. It is able to focus from 1.1m to infinity. Focusing required the half press lock focusing technique. Press all the way down to trip the shutter. The red electromagnetic shutter release button is surrounded by the self-timer lever. The timer can be activated by sliding the switch towards the back. The delay for the timer is 10 seconds, a LED light on the front will blink during the countdown. It can be cancelled during the countdown by returning the switch back to regular shooting mode. There is a built-in electronic flash that can be activated by sliding it outward. Once pulled outward, the back of the flash head body is red indicating the use of flash. It has a guide number of 9 and a 6 second recycle time. The viewfinder has a 83% field of view withe a 0.5X magnification. The camera can take film with 50-1000 ISO. The setting can be adjusted with a sliding switch below the lens with stops at 50, 100, 200, 400 and 1000.

The film back has a film emulsion reminder window. When the back is closed, and the shutter release is depressed the film will motor advance to the first frame. A film transport indicator is located by the viewfinder to show that the film is moving properly. The film counter is mechanical upwards counting with automatic reset. After all of the exposure on the roll are done, the motor stops advancing. A switch is on the base of the camera for rewinding, return the switch to stop winding. The camera is powered by 2x AA batteries which should last 120 rolls of non flashed 24 exposure rolls or about 12 rolls with all flash.

Yashica Auto Focus Motor IID Quartz

The date model can imprint dates in two different modes, Year-Month-Day, Hour-Minute and there is also a off mode. This setting can be changed by pressing the mode button. After releasing the shutter with imprint mode on, the back LCD display will show "PRINT". The last year possible is 2019. The date back uses a CR2025 coin button cell, that can only be replaced with the film back open.