Yale 4x5 Camera

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In 1899 the Yale 4x5 Camera was offered as kit with developing materials by the American distributor Yale. That kind of kit was a common offer at the end of the 19th century. Amateur photography infrastructure included dark rooms for rent in some drugstores. The marketing of photo suppliers and warehouses switched to offer materials for photo development and printing at home. In 1898 Sears offered its "The Perfection Camera", a plate box camera, as 18 piece kit with film and amateur dark room equipment for 4.87 Dollars. Yale offered its 4x5 Camera in 1899 as similar 16 piece kit for 4.65 Dollars. Both distributors made a sale or return offer. The customer could evaluate the kit at home for prepayment of just 50 Cents. Of course starting to use the camera and kit meant to be obliged to pay the rest.