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The Wirginex, also sold as the Baky, is a folding camera for 4.5x6cm pictures on 120 film, made by Wirgin from 1934. The body of the camera is made from brown or black Bakelite. Some examples have a leather texture impressed in the plastic.[1] It is self-erecting when opened. The lens may be an f/2.9 Meyer Trioplan, as pictured here, a Schneider Radionar or a Xenar. All are front-element focusing. McKeown states that several cheaper anastigmat lenses were also offered.[2] The shutter is a Compur, Compur-Rapid or Prontor II. The camera has a folding reverse-Galilean viewfinder.

McKeown states that cameras made after 1937 have a body shutter release, and that Adox continued production of the camera as the Tempo, when they took over Wirgin in 1939.[2]


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