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The Victrix is a strut-folding camera for 9x12 cm plates, with a focal-plane shutter. It was made in the early years of the 20th century by Wünsche of Dresden. It has a leather-covered wooden body[1] and a bellows with a single broad pleat.

An example sold at Westlicht has a 14 cm f/6.8 Voigtländer Collinear III double-anastigmat lens.[2] It has front rise. Clearly, the camera could be used with a ground-glass viewing screen, but the compact design is intended for portability, and there would probably be a viewfinder for hand-held use; similar cameras by other makers (such as the Takyr by Joux or the Klapp-Taschen-Kamera by Goldmann) have folding Newton finders.

Wünsche later became part of the merger that formed ICA, and later still Zeiss Ikon. ICA and Zeiss Ikon made a 4.5x6 cm folding-bed camera named Victrix.


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