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Walter Voss (31 August 1908 - 11 August '68) was the founder of Walter Voss, Photo-Kamera-Fabrikation & Feinmechanik, the company that made the Diax line of 35mm cameras in the 1950s, in southern Germany's city of Ulm. The first product of 1946 was a rangefinder named "Photometer", made by a few people in rooms of his dwelling. In 1947 Voss began the production of the Diax in rooms of Ulm's old fortress. Later the company got a modern industry building for production in Ulm's Neutorstraße 56. In 1957 production and company ceased, after Voss had made c. 100.000 Diax cameras in 10 years, and more than 100.000 Photometer accessory rangefinders.


  • Diax
  • Diax (1950s variant with bigger viewfinder, also known as Diax I)
  • Diaxette
  • Diax Ia
  • Diax Ib
  • Diax II
  • Diax IIa
  • Diax IIb
  • Diax-L-1 (with selenium meter)
  • Diax Standard


  • Photometer (rangefinder)
  • Reprox 12 (repro pedestal with built-in 2× enlarging lens)
  • accessory viewfinders