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The Vokar I camera had been designed by Richard Bills before WWII[1], and allegedly the Electronic Products Manufacturing Co. invested $250,000 in its development[2]. But during wartime, the company had diverted its resources into making bomb-fuse components[3], delaying the camera's manufacture.

In late 1945 the company renamed itself "Vokar" (after its existing line of photo products)[4]. The Vokar I camera was first advertised in January, 1946 photography magazines[5], disappeared for several months, and then finally resurfaced in the fall of 1946 at a price of $76.70[6].

The camera's sleek styling owed nothing to the boxy Argus C3 manufactured just 8 miles away; and for the era, its specification was quite ambitious. It offered single-eyepiece framing and rangefinder focus; shutter cocking coupled to the film advance; an f/2.8 lens (at a time when f/3.5 or f/4.5 were standard); and a full range of shutter speeds from 1 to 1/300 sec.

By 1948, the Vokar II camera appeared. The mechanical differences were extremely minor; and otherwise the appearance and specs of the camera were unchanged. The name "Vokar II" appears printed onto the front leatherette below the exposure-counter dial.

However the small Vokar Corporation failed to make much of a dent in the US camera market. Advertising became spotty after the initial launch; and the camera may have suffered from poor distribution. Sales were poor, and the Vokar rangefinder disappeared rather quickly, making it a bit of a rarity today.


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