Voigtländer Virtus Z3

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The Voigtländer Virtus Z3 is a compact plastic camera that takes APS film. It has a 24-70mm Skoparex zoomlens.

All the usual APS features are present, like the setting for classic, panorama or high-definition (16:9).

Besides this the Z3 also has date imprint functions and MRC, Midd-Roll-Change, which allows the user to remove and reinsert a film without wasting exposures. These functions are hidden behind the little door on the left side of the camera, seen from the back.

The LCD display at the back shows all necessary information like flash-modes, scene-mode, exposure counter and battery health.

A lever located at the thumb of the photographer makes zooming the lens in and out easy.

There are no manual settings available, focus and exposure are all automatic.