Vivitar IC 100

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The Vivitar IC 100 was a cheap and cheerful plastic camera designed for 35mm film. With fixed focus and shutter speed and a small aperture it fits into the toy camera category. It's very small, lightweight, and fragile. It was assembled in China for the American Vivitar company. It was most likely made by Concord Camera Corp as their Le Clic FS30 is identical. It was mainly for sale in far eastern markets, sometime in the 2000s. ISO 400 film with only 24 exposures (to prevent strain on the shutter release spring) is recommended. 2 versions exist. The original without a hotshoe for flash and a later model with one.

See also the similar IC 101 Panorama.


  • Fixed focus.
  • Manual film advance.
  • Small aperture (approx. f/11) for large depth of field.
  • Wide angle 24mm lens.
  • Shutter speed fixed at 1/85s.
  • Lens cover opens and closes at the same time as the shutter.
  • Hot shoe for clip-on flash.
  • No batteries required.