Vivitar 110EF

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The Vivitar 110EF is yet another camera for 110 film, and probably sold under other brand names as well. It is fixed-focus, has a built-in flash, and was made in China. The flash needs two AA batteries to operate, but it otherwise can be used batteryless.

The packaging has a copyright date of 1991, and notes that "200 speed color print film is recommend", happily this is currently made by Lomography.

Despite the similar names, this is not the same camera as the Boots 110EF, the Instaplus 110EF, Concord 110EF, and the Hanimex Pocket 110EF, though Hanimex, Vivitar and Boots are all known for re-badged models by other companies. Nor should it be confused with the Vivitar 110EF Tele, which is similar but adds a tele mode.