Vito Automatic I

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The Vito Automatic I was first produced in the early 1960's by Voigtländer. It featured a Lanthar f/2.8 50mm lens, later models also featured the Color-Lanthar f/2.8 50mm which is esentually the same lens it's just calibrated for color photography. The shutter is a Prontor Lux shutter 1/30 - 1/500 Bulb on the later models with the Color-Lanthar lens a Prontormatic 125 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, B, X-synchronized shutter was used. The viewfinder is 1:1 Brightline with a red/green indicator to help aid the photographer in knowing if an exposure is possible and inside the appropriate f/stop. If the indicator is showing red, then the photo will either be underexposed or overexposed depending on the situation.

Vito Automatic I Features:

  • Manufacture: Voigtländer
  • Country: Germany
  • Years Produced: 1960-1968 (estimated)
  • Type: Ridged Body Fixed Lens
  • Film Type: 35mm
  • Lens Type: Lanthar f/2.8 50mm or Color-Lanthar f/2.8 50mm
  • Shutter Type: Prontor Lux 1/30 - 1/500 Bulb or Prontormatic 125 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, B, X-synchronized