Verascope f40

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The Verascope f40 stereo camera by Richard was introduced about 1938, and was designed to take pairs of 24 x30mm images on 35mm film. This superseded the earlier and larger glass-plate Verascope models. Model f40 production continued through the 1950s, going through several small revisions. It is considered to be one of the better-finished stereo cameras made, though perhaps inferior to the Stereo Realist.

The f40 was exported to the US where it was sold by the Chicago press-camera manufacturer Busch.

This camera can be seen in use briefly in the 1967 film Two For The Road[1].


  1. Most clearly, starting at around 19:40 in the DVD edition. Alfred Finney plays a young architect, who tells Audrey Hepburn's character that his stereo camera is "mostly for buildings." (In fact, subjects near infinity would benefit little from 3-D photography.) The POV shots through the camera viewfinder are not realistic, as the framelines shown correspond to a widescreen Panavision aspect ratio instead.