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Camera Interests:

  • Minolta srt series
  • Yashica Medium format Cameras
  • Equipment from the former Eastern Block; Flexaret, Pentacon six, Kiev, Fed, zorki, lubitel, smena etc.

For picture taking I use a

I collect pre-1980 cameras and most of them I've tried and taken pictures with.

To do:

  • find out more about Contessa-Nettel expand article and model pages.
  • expand MTL 5.
  • fill in Template: German TLR with other cameras.
  • consider a Rodinal paragraph in the Agfa page.
  • take pictures of loose shutters.
  • expand article on Hasselblad 500 CM.
  • start Photina article
  • interesting: Gnoflex, Kinoflex, Karmaflex, Delmonta, Photina III, Fodor reflex, Mentorett

French diacritics

è à î é ç