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hi! i'm Apollo. that is a fake name.

i have a fair affinity for cameras both aesthetically, and (especially) conceptually — the relationship and transition between analogue and digital media fascinate me. that probably sounds cliche but i don't really mind. i'd like to own more cameras than i do; however i have a limited budget (being a somewhat unemployed minor), so this has proven difficult thus far. i also figure i should garner a bit more knowledge about these things before i go ahead and build up any sort of collection.

in addition to my fondness for cameras, i have a particular inclination toward wikis. here are some others where you can find me:

hopefully i can be helpful around here in a general sense. if not maybe i can at least pick up a thing or two.

here is my website, where you can learn some things about me including the fact that i can make a website for you for a small amount of money. if you don't like giving people money you should check out my music because it's free.