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The Zwei-Verschluss-Camera Union XXVII was distributed by Stöckig in 1904. It was a folding bed camera for 9x12 format plates. A rollfilm adapter or a plate cassette were available. It allowed vertical and horizontal lensboard movement. It was made of mahogany. Its main feature was that it was delivered with two shutters, a fast focal plane shutter for speeds up to 1/2000 sec, and an additional leaf shutter. It was available with achromatic f6.8 Aplanat, f6.8 Double-Anastigmat or f5.5 Double-Anastigmat. For snapshots it had a reflecting type viewfinder. It was advertised as Stöckig's most universal camera, together with sample action photographs showing "frozen" moments of sport hightlights.

With double extended bellows the camera could be used with only the back lens elements of one of the Anastigmats.