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The Universal Uniflex I, II, and III are aluminum bodied TLR cameras built between 1947 and 1950 by the Universal Camera Corp. All have a self-cocking Universal shutter with speeds from 1/25 sec. to 1/200 sec. plus B mode. The cameras make 12 6x6cm exposures on either type 120 film or 620 film. The film advance uses a simple knob at the bottom right and covered red window on the back. The focus knob is also on the right and the focus screen is ground glass with a small fold-up magnifier.

On the Uniflex I, the taking lens is a 75mm f/5.6 Universal Anastigmat and the viewing lens is a 75mm f/4.5 Universal Anastigmat. The Uniflex I originally retailed for $48.00.

On the more upscale Uniflex II, the lenses are 75mm f/4.5 Universal Anastigmat and 75mm f/3.5 Universal Anastigmat, and the shutter has flash synchronization and 'T' mode.)

The rare Uniflex III' has an f/3.8 viewing lens, and otherwise appears similar.