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Ugajin Denki Kōgaku K.K. (宇賀神電気光学㈱) was a Japanese company active in the late 1940s and based in Azabu, Tokyo.[1] It advertised the Maruso Camera pseudo TLR using no-need-darkroom film stock, which was also advertised by Marusō Kōgaku. It is not known which of these two companies, if any, actually manufactured the camera.


  1. Its address was Tōkyō-to Minato-ku Azabu Shinbori-chō 4 (東京都台東区浅草新堀町四). Source: advertisement on p.6 of Nihon Shashin Kōgyō Tsūshin April 20, 1948, reproduced on p.84 of Hyaku-gō goto jūkai no kiroku.


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