USC Tri-Matic Electric Eye 127

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One of the more advanced models from United States Camera is the Tri-Matic Electric Eye 127. It is similar to the USC Comet 127 in its case style: 4×4 cm image format on 127 film, and integrated flashbulb reflector alongside the lens; but in addition, the "electric eye" provides auto-exposure and the lens permits scale focusing. After setting the lever below the lens to the "Flash" setting, the lens aperture is coupled to the focusing distance to yield the correct exposure. It is not certain what the third of the "Tri-" matic functions is, but this might refer to the fact that the camera automatically warns the user when light is too dim for regular shots and a flash bulb is needed. It does this with a red signal in the viewfinder.

This seems to be the model sold by Sears as the Tower Automatic 127, which may be more commonly seen than the USC-branded version.