Topcon RE-2

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The 1965[1] Topcon RE-2 (a.k.a the Beseler Topcon D-1) was designed for the serious amateur, or as a backup to an RE Super/Beseler Super D. Whilst sharing common features, the two models remain quite distinct.

The RE-2 offers open aperture metering which is fully coupled to the shutter speed and aperture controls, and requires no indexing when lenses are changed (unlike most other SLRs of the time).

The RE-2 is functionally similar to the RE Super, but for the shutter and a smaller overall size. The latter has a horizontally travelling cloth focal plane shutter, while the former boasts a newly developed, vertically-travelling, metal, Copal Square shutter. In consequence, the positions of the shutter release and shutter speed selector were swapped, so that the release was placed on the top-plate, and the speed selector relocated to the body front. The RE-2 is otherwise not as well specified as the RE Super: the viewfinder is not removable, and neither is the viewscreen interchangeable. It also lacks a DOF preview lever, secondary top deck exposure meter match-pointer window, and automatic internal peak compensating flash synchronization (i.e. a single flash socket).

According to the Topcon Club website, the RE-2 was sold for 4 years. It also came in an all black finish, and surviving examples are quite rare today.


  • Lens mount: Exakta type modified bayonet.
  • Focus: Ground glass and Fresnel screen with central micro-prism spot, and a fine focusing ring around this. 93% view coverage.
  • Shutter: Vertically travelling Copal Square FP shutter with speeds of 1 sec to 1/1000th plus B and 5 to 10 sec., self-timer.
  • Meter: Open aperture, TTL, whole scene averaging metering system using a CdS cell built into the mirror. Separate on/off switch.
  • Exposure: Manual with a circular tipped viewfinder match-needle, where the edges represent one stop over/under compared to the centre point.
  • EV range: 2.7 to 16.7 at 100 ASA.
  • Film Speed: 25 to 1600 ASA.
  • Flash: Prism mounted accessory shoe with separate M/FP and X terminals. X-sync speed is 1/125th sec..
  • Film Advance: Single long stroke lever (180°).
  • Battery: 1 x 1.35v 625 type mercury battery.


  1. The Beseler Topcon D-1 was advertised as "all new" in the December, 1965, Popular Photography (Vol. 57, No. 6; pages 34-35). Scan courtesy Jerry Vacl.