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The Terra 35 is a prototype 35mm viewfinder camera, made by Teraoka Seikōjo at the end of the 1950s.


The Terra 35 has a rigid body. The viewfinder is integrated in the top housing. The advance knob is at the top right, as seen by the photographer, and is surrounded by a black exposure counter. Next to it are the release button and an accessory shoe. The rewind knob is at the top left and contains a film reminder. There are strap lugs at both ends of the top housing. No name engraving is visible and the name "Terra 35" is unconfirmed.

One prototype is pictured in Sugiyama,[1] it is not known if there were others. The shutter is reported as a Copal-SV (B, 1–500), it has a PC synch post at the top.[2] The lens is a Plover 3.6cm f/2.8, engraved Auto Terra Plover 1:2.8 f=3.6cm C. No.617112. The black aperture ring is at the rear of the lens barrel, and no focusing ring is visible. The lens is the same as on the Auto Terra Super P, a special police version of the Auto Terra Super. The six-digit number is close to no.617004, observed on a Super P, and the two cameras were probably contemporary.


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The Terra 35 prototype is not listed in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.