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Minolta Classic Cameras
Vest (or Best) | V2 | SR-2 | SRT 101 | XE | XD | CLE | 7000 | 9000 | 800 si

The Minolta classic template shows a set of outstanding camera developments of Minolta:

  • Vest (or Best) : unique design: bakelite "pyramid" folder
  • Minolta V2: first 35mm rangefinder camera with 1/2000 sec leaf shutter (1958)
  • Minolta V3: first 35mm rangefinder camera with 1/3000 sec leaf shutter (1960)
  • Minolta SR-2: Together with a few others like the Miranda SLRs this one set standards for modern 35mm SLR design
  • Minolta SR-T 101: One of the great popular robust working horse camera designs
  • Minolta XE: equal to a model of Leica
  • Minolta XD: The first SLR offering aperture priority and shutter priority programmes
  • Minolta CLE: again a Leica-like product resulting from partnership with Leitz
  • Minolta 7000: First all-automatic consumer SLR
  • Minolta 9000: A better version of the 7000
  • Minolta 800si: A super-versatile one of Minolta's AF-SLRs