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The charmingly-named Unique, or rather, UNIQUE, is an entry-level rangefinder camera from Taron, introduced circa 1961.[1] While it offers a self-timer and bright viewfinder framelines, there are only tick marks to indicate parallax error. The lens is a basic f/2.8 Taronar and shutter speeds top out at 1/300 second (in old-style, uneven increments). The molded black metal cap piece over the rangefinder windows gives a bit of visual flair—perhaps a nod towards sister model the Taron Eye. Nonetheless the camera feels a bit tinny, e.g. an advance lever apparently just punched out of sheet stock.


  1. It is listed in November, 1962, in Popular Photography magazine's "1963 Directory & Buying Guide" insert (Vol. 51, No. 5; pg. 15A) at a cost of USD $39.95 less case.