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Tapak International is a Japanese manufacturer and export of photographic equipment.

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Tapak International is a Japanese manufacturer and export of photographic equipment. The 1985 edition of the Camerart Photo Trade Directory[1] has this entry for Tapak:

Tapak International, Inc.
Manufacturers and Exporters
Nikko Mita Bldg., 4-26, Takanawa 1-chome, Minato-ko, Tokyo 108
Tel: Tokyo (03) 447-2575/6
Telex: J27339 TAPAKJIN
President: Daijiro Jin
Product Lines: 35mm interchangeable lenses, conversion lenses, closeup lenses,
rear converters, editors, splicers, reels, bellows, extension tubes, slide 
duplicators, filters, lens hoods, tripods, brackets, aluminum camera cases, lens
cases, camera bags, other photographic and darkroom accessories.
Brands: ELICAR

As of 2012, Tapak International, Ltd is listed as a member of the Joint Photoimaging Enterprises Assocation (JPEA) and is presumed to be the same company. [2]

Elicar Lenses

Tapak International, Inc. distributed gear under the Elicar brandname. However, this brand was owned by Jaca Corporation, which existed concurrently and also used the Panagor brand. The exact relationship between the two companies is unknown. It is known that most Elicar branded lenses prior to 1993 were manufactured by either Kino Precision or Komine. After Komine and Jaca went out of business, Tapak continued to develop and sell Elicar lenses.[3] For a listing of Elicar equipment, see the Jaca Corporation article.


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