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Serial numbers

Here are some data I have collected. Am cleaning up and deleting files of stuff I no longer am interested in. Thought I share/archive here…

Unlike the number on the film carrier, which seems stamped/punched in, the body serial number of the Piccolette was engraved, but in a very fine and shallow fashion. Even limited corrosion seems to have obliterated part or all of the serial number on a great number of cameras. The last three digits of the serial number are repeated and punched into the reinforcement bar of the film carrier.

TYPE SN Carrier Lens/Shutter Ref


CN 183485 485 Nettar/Derval

CN 239591 591 Nettar/Derval (fulvue)

CN 266759 759 Achromat/Acro

CN 282213 213 Nettar/Derval Spennemann

CN 295734 734 Nettar/Derval (Dima Tsvetkov)

CN 300618 618 Achromat/Acro eBay USA (October 2012);

CN 328814 814 Piccar/Piccar (Gerard Vogels)

CN 335152 152 Piccar/Piccar (gionlukalta)

ZI 661720 xxx Piccar/Piccar (Kimmo Kulovesi)

CN xxxxxx 406 Taronar/Compur

CN xxxx83 683 Achromat/Acro

CN xx0007 xxx Nettar/Derval (Juan Francisco)

ZI M34300 xxx Tessar/Compur eBay Italy (October 2012);

Cheers --Heritagefutures (talk) 04:33, 17 April 2015 (CDT)

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