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There was some confusion here between the original "Kodak Camera" (1888) and the "no.1 Kodak" (1889); I've tried to clear that up a little.

Should these be two separate pages? Very similar but for the shutter? (perhaps if we had a photo of both it could justify two pages).

The lens detail: "75mm (some sources say 27mm)" was clearly wrong; for a supposedly wide-angle it must be less than the 65mm negative diameter, and 27 is absurdly short; McKeown has 57mm, so I put that in. (f/9 seems to be accepted by all concerned) - any better info?

Shutter speed said: Speeds up to 1/25 sec. - removed this, as it suggests variable speed

--Awcam 01:30, 10 June 2008 (BST/GMT+1)

The photo illustrates a Kodak, not a Kodak No. 1. The No. 1 did not have the two screws in the faceplate. I have a No. 1 in front of me as I write this. Generally, McKeown is authoritative on Kodaks. 27mm is clearly in error. 57mm is appropriate for the image size. My No. 1 has had its round mask removed and replace by a hand-cut rectangular paper mask. I'll try to post photos of my No. 1. In the mean time, has anybody figured out how to edit photo captions? This one is wrong and needs to be edited.

David Foy

Hello David
You're right. Michel Auer has an image of the Kodak in his book and another of the Kodak No. 1. The characteristic lens opening and the screws in the front plate make the Kodak distinct. Auer gives another image diameter: 65mm !
Thanks, Uwe
U. Kulick 16:42, 4 June 2009 (EDT)