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Parked here for a while, for later use and then deletion in this discussion his is what the Vade Mecum has to say:

Quote: C.Friedrich, Werkstette fur Prazisions Optik, C. Friedrich, Muenchen, Germany.

They have been noted for Coronar lenses on cameras, and probably on enlargers. A series of cameras from C.A. Mueller, Strengenberg, Germany were listed in B.J.A. 1927, p770advert. with Coronar lenses for 6x9cm approx in f6.3, f4.8, f4.5 and there was a program of Coronar f4.5 lenses as separate items.

The Coronar f4.5 This was a recent introduction in 1926 according to Frerk, and was a Q15 type design and suitable for many cameras, and well regarded. It seems to have become a major product, below. It was noted in the B.J.A. as 6in for 5x4in; 6.5in for 4x6in; 7in for 4.75x6.5in; 7.75in for 4.75x6.5in; 8.25in for 4.75x6.5in; 9.5in for 6.5x8.5in; 12in for 6.5x8.5in and 14in for 8x10in. Coronar f4.5 50-360mm 4-glass Gauss. Q16. A 135mm was noted at auction on a Sanderson 1/4plate. Fig 009 020 Friedrich Coronar f4.5/135mm No352,216 in barrel.

Coronar f6.8 This was a triplet and a less expensive lens. Corygon f2.8 45mm on Ruthine camera. Corygon f2.9-f6.325-180mm Triplet, Q14. Coronar f6.3 75-400mm 4-glass Gauss. Q16 Akmar f6.8 75-300mm 70-90�, Dagor type, (Q9) separable. Axinon f3.5 35-180mm Q15 Axinon f4.5 35-180mm Q15 Other trade names are Biochron f2.0, and Coronav f4.5 which latter was probably a dialyt, in 50-360mm.

ORION Rio 12C 9x12 + Corygon-Anastigmat 6,3 f=13,5cm ebay Aug 2015 Corygon-Anastigmat 3,8/10,5cm Nr.179629 COMPUR ebay Aug 2015