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I think it would be good if we could establish a "Bayonet" page that illustrates each type of mount, and maybe even briefly describes the identifying characteristics. And then links back to the specific camera manufacturer, where the mount may be discussed in more details (for ex. the Nikon variations etc).

This could then also be linked off the front page? If camerapedia is to become THE single most significant resource for all of photographic it would be a great addition.

Table form would be ideal. I would envisage a four-cell table row per bayonet type. Here's a start... I don't have the expertise to do this for all, but will contribute as we go along. The annotation /preparation of the annotated takes only a short while . The 'cut-out' is easily with the magnetic lassoo tool in photoshop What do you guys think? Dirk--Heritagefutures 16:26, 24 February 2011 (PST)