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Unless I'm mistaken, the picture here appears to be a Jubilette rather than a Baldina. There appears to be no embossed name on the leather, so it may have been recovered at one time. I might take a picture of my Baldina (a very nice one, I might add) to use instead.

Jack Hufnagel

You may be right; maybe you could ask details of the camera to the Flickr photographer. We may include the Jubilette in this article by creating a redirect and a link from the Balda page, and keep the picture with a proper caption.
By the way, I think it would be better to split the article in two, for the "Baldina (folding)" and "Baldina (rigid)". (These are only title examples, other titles will be fine too.) --rebollo_fr 16:34, 4 May 2009 (EDT)

Dear Rebollo:

Good point, all. I'll start woking on expanding the Balda area; currently I own two 35mm folders - I've started research on the various Balda companies. Jack