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I'd like to use one of the photos in the George Eastman House's 'Commons' stuff; specifically, I thought this one would do well as an illustration of Autochrome.

Like a lot of the Commons stuff, They are using a Rights statement summarised as 'No known copyright restrictions', which links to this statement on George Eastman's site. It seems that they're telling us they don't think there's a problem in our using the picture, but we can't blame them if it turns out there is.

So I think it's clearly ok to use the photo, and I think I'd use image_rights = public domain 1923 (or even just image_rights = public domain), but I wondered if anybody has already used a photo with this sort of licence, and if there's an established thing to do. If there's no outcry in the next few hours I'll go ahead and add it.--Dustin McAmera 12:17, 5 May 2011 (PDT)