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I am unhappy with the new photo at the top of this page. While the camera restoration and the photo of it are nice, a red C3 should not be the representative of this camera model. The C3 was never made in red and having this photo at the top of the page is misleading. I have no problem with the inclusion of the photo on this page, but I do not think it should be at the top and I think it should certainly be described as a custom-color restoration.
John Kratz

Why was it necessary to remove the text identifying the red C3 as having a custom, non-original covering? Again, I have no problem with the inclusion of the photo, but with nothing identifying it as a non-original color, it misleads viewers of the page into possibly believing the C3 was manufactured in red as well as black.

Sorry, accidentally edited old version! Now all is changed correctly. U. Kulick 15:39, 30 December 2010 (EST)
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