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Tachihara Camera Works (タチハラ写真機製作所) was a Japanese camera manufacturer based in Kita-ku, Tokyo until at least 2013. [1][2]. They made moderately priced high quality traditional field cameras. The cameras allow a great range of lens board movements as well as image plane movements. They offered cameras in 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 inch sizes, and in cherry wood, either natural-colour or 'rose-mahogany'-varnished, or black-painted, and with brass fittings, plated in either bright gold-colour or chrome. Double- and triple-extension models were offered, and a 'super-wide' model with short extension and bellows.

The Tachihara cameras were also sold by Zone VI.


  1. Company address: Tachihara Camera Works Toshima Chome 3-17-8, Kita-ku, Tokyo
  2. Company website archived at Internet Archive: last archive version with any content is in 2013, which may be a guide to when the company stopped making cameras.