TDC Stereo Colorist

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The TDC Stereo Colorist was introduced in 1954 as a competitor in the stereo market to the popular Stereo Realist.

Both the Stereo Colorist and the Stereo Colorist II were made in the 1950s in Germany by Bodensee Kamerawerke for Three Dimension Company, a subsidiary of Bell & Howell.

They are designed to use 35mm color reversal (slide) film. The format of the picture is 23x24 mm, the '5p' (i.e. five perforations of 35mm film) that was used in the Stereo Realist.

Both models have three-element Rodenstock 35mm f/3.5 Trinar lenses. While the Stereo Colorist is scale focusing, the Stereo Colorist II has a coupled rangefinder, combined with the4 viewfinder in the same eyepiece. Otherwise the two cameras are similar.