Suter Liliput

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There is also the Liliput 4.5×6 cm strut-folding camera from about 1915, by Stegemann.

The Liliput is a metal-bodied viewfinder camera for sixteen 3×4 cm pictures on 127 film. It was made by the Suter company in Basel, Switzerland, in about 1941.[1] It appears to be an improvement of the Swiss-Box, being very similar to that camera, but now with a plunger-type shutter release on top, replacing a rather unwieldy side lever release. It has the same focusing lens, scaled to 0.5 metres. There is a knurled film advance knob, and a reverse-Galilean viewfinder. The camera is painted in crackle-finish, and was made in several colours.


  1. Liliput cameras in red, blue and green, with a black Swiss-Box at the All Japan Classic Camera Club.