Stereo Puck

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The Stereo Puck is a stereo box camera made by Thornton-Pickard in about 1930 (McKeown dates the camera to about 1932, and the text of the advertisement below supports this, while Welt der Stereoskopie gives 1925).[1][2] The camera takes eight 40x55 mm stereo pairs on 120 rollfilm. It is wooden bodied, with leatherette covering, and with enameled and plated metal fittings. It has a pair of fixed-focus four-inch f/12.5 achromats, and a spring-powered single-speed 'I' (about 1/50 second[2] and 'B' sector shutter. Welt der Stereoskopie states that a version was made with swing-in auxiliary lenses, to focus at 3-10 feet (1-3 metre).[2] There is a brilliant finder on top and a red window in the back. The camera was supplied together with a stereo viewer.


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