Spiegel-Reflex-Kamera (Voigtländer)

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Voigtländer made a series of SLR plate cameras from about 1905. These were at first always sold with a Heliar lens, and named the Heliar Reflex. The cameras were later sold with other makers' lenses, especially in France, and simply named Spiegel-Reflex Kamera. Most of the cameras have a cloth focal-plane shutter, but the last, and smallest, have a Compound leaf shutter, involving a complicated linkage to close the shutter (open for focusing), remove the mirror, and finally fire the shutter when the exposure is triggered.

McKeown lists the following models:[1]

  • 1905: 9x12 cm wooden-bodied camera, with extending baseboard for focusing.
  • 1906: wooden-bodied cameras for various plate-sizes from 6.5x9 to 13x18 cm; now with the lens-board mounted on struts at each side, which are used for rack-and-pinion focusing.
  • 1906: stereo camera for 4.5x10.7 cm plates.
  • 1908: metal-bodied 9x12 cm camera.
  • 1916: camera for 4.5x6 cm plates, with rotating back and Compound shutter.[2] McKeown states that this camera was not a commercial success, perhaps because of the War. It is rare.
  • 1925: a similar but improved 4,5x6 cm camera.


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