Soligor TM

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Originally sold and built by Miranda, the rebranded Soligor TM is exactly the same as the Miranda TM and Pallas TM.

Introduced in 1974. It is based on the Miranda Sensomat RE but uses 42mm threaded lenses, aka Praktica/Pentax screw mount. The use of this lens mount was intended to widen the appeal of the Miranda.

Briefly, the TMs offered stop-down, TTL metering, using a CdS light cell placed behind slots cut in the reflex mirror. The metering pattern was bottom-weighted partial. Shutter speeds ranged from 1 sec., to 1/1000th, but in common with many Miranda models, the full range of speeds were not always within the coupling range of the meter. In other words, the highest shutter speeds could not be accessed with very slow ASA settings, and the lower shutter speeds were unavailable with the highest ASA settings.

In common with all Miranda cameras (except the dx-3), the finders were interchangeable.

There were two versions of the TM - an early and late. The later models gained a prism mounted cold shoe, and lost the rewind knob base slot for an accessory shoe fitting. Early TMs has an RE style back cover locking system housing an external pull latch, while the late TM has an internal mechanism operated by a rewind knob pull release. There were also some internal changes, the indications of which are that the late TM uses a 1.5v battery rather than a 1.35v mercury cell.

The TM was superseded by the TM II in 1975. The TM II specification is something of a mystery. It is possible that the "late" TM and the TM II are one and the same?